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We love our clients and want everyone to feel like family. We focus not only on your hair but on you as a person as well.

As a child I hated sitting around in the salon for hours waiting to get my hair done. This is the main reason why we work by appointment only. Each client will receive a personalized one-on-one session based on their hair needs. There’s No super long wait time to get in the chair. If I am a little behind schedule I will kindly send you a text message before your appointment time.



Buddy The Barber

Life is just more fun when people smile and compliment you!!

Ever heard the saying “If you look good, you feel good”. Well the sole purpose of Alluring Locz is to boost self-confidence by making you look Alluring.  Your hair will be your best outfit. you will leave looking and feel great.

There’s nothing like letting someone else pamper you. Each service comes with 3 shampoos depending on the clients needs. 1 Charcoal Detoxification wash, 1 Therapeutic Peppermint and Aloe wash, and 1 Hydrating wash. Follow by moisturizing leave-in conditioner. My goal is to give you the ultimate experience in a relaxing environment. So I recommend you Lie backs, get comfortable, and think of your service as a spa  treatment for the scalp. No one shall leave  unhappy or unsatisfied.